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What's it like to live in China? I stayed here for 2 months to find out.

July 12, 2018

Living and Working in China

My Kindergarten class: Shuai Shuai, Jerry, Oct, Emily, Jenno, Rose, Felix, and Wallace
When I first arrived in China, I never would have guessed that I’d be leaving a piece of my heart in Xi’an two months later.

My business internship at Faithful International Training Center (FITC) helped me transition from a college student to a motivated nine-to-five employee because I had the incredible opportunity to continue my passion as a marketing consultant.

The principal, James Huang, showed exemplary leadership qualities that I will prioritize in my future career and when choosing my next job. He was open to new ideas, eager to implement change, and helped me execute tasks swiftly. I created marketing materials (both traditional and social) for FITC and a few days after James approved them, he’d get them printed out or posted online.

I got to showcase my writing in a local expat magazine, Xianese, and I’m proud to announce that my work is published in the July 2018 issue!

I also wrote and implemented a marketing plan to rebrand Faithful to increase prospective student and teacher engagement. During my internship, I was challenged to be creative and learn how to provide what my client envisions for their business, not just what I assume is best.

Principal James Huang is an excellent example of servant leadership!

I also spent a week teaching Chinese kids English and it was probably the most challenging yet rewarding part of this internship. FITC let me sit in on some of the other teacher's classes to prepare me for teaching; but I also had to prepare longer lesson plans, activities, and backup plans in case they got bored or didn’t understand me because of the language barrier; yet God gave me favor and I made an impact on how these children learn.

My older K-class: Mary, Annie, Grace, Emily, PaoPao, Eric, and JoJo
Being away from home, my friends, and family for nine weeks was another aspect of this trip that challenged me to grow and be dependent on the Lord in times of loneliness.

I am however, grateful for this time away because it led me deeper into self-discovery and an incredible sense of sonder. As I've written before, my Airbnb hosts, BinBin and Ya Qiu, became two of my close friends and it’s going to be difficult to say goodbye especially knowing that I may not see them for years, if even that. They taught me how to play mahjong, took me to special local eateries in Xi’an, we had many talks over tea and watched movies together (including Mulan, of course!)

In Chinese culture, artwork of tigers is common, but BinBin told me the significance behind these art pieces that ultimately define my time living in China…

A painting of a tiger going up the mountain means it is getting ready to prepare for deep growth and change through spiritual, physical, and mental solitude at the summit. A tiger depicted coming down the mountain means it has prepared for the challenges to come and it is ready for the next season of life.

I’ve conquered this mountain and now I am ready for the next chapter, but I will always remember this trip as a pivotal change agent in my life.

I'd like to thank first and foremost my savior and comforter, Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you to the Freeman Foundation for giving me financial access to this exemplary program, and to Azusa Pacific University for providing the opportunity. Thank you immensely to Dr. Strother and Professor Strother for selecting me to go to China with you and for being great examples of God’s design for business, mission, and a successful marriage. Thank you to Faithful International Training Center, James, Melinda, Tina, Skye, Hannah, Sarah, Leo, Summer, and all the teachers and administration who assisted us and became our friends over the past few months. It's been an honor to experience life in China and help FITC rebrand their school while refining my marketing portfolio. Thank you to BinBin and Ya Qiu for your hospitality and genuine friendship. Thank you to all the new friends I've made throughout my travels in China, each one is significant.Thank you to my family and friends back home who have supported me on this journey via online likes, comments, kind thoughts, texts and phone calls.

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