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Welcome to Xi'an!

First Impressions

Grace (left) and I at the Xi'an Drum Tower

A Rocky Start

After a 16-hour overnight train ride from Shanghai, Grace and I finally arrived in Xi'an, China to start our internship journey abroad. Amongst the 10am rush hour in the Xi'an train station, we struggled to communicate in broken Chinese to figure out how to get to our Airbnb.

There was a lot of pointing and many more strict "NO!'s" whenever we tried to purchase bus tickets at the window. We finally figured out that we just had to hop on Bus #5 towards the ShuangQiaoTou stop. Buses in Xi'an, along with everything else, are super cheap (1-4 RMB = 15-65 cents USD) compared to the first tier city we had been in the day before.

After an hour on the bus, we finally arrived...but had no idea where to go! Thankfully our host was in communication with us so she walked outside of the apartment to pick us up at the bus stop.

Our amazing Airbnb host, BinBin!

At first Grace and I were unsure about our new living situation because Grace's bed was a wooden board with a hole in it. Eventually we got more comfortable with BinBin so we just told her the bed was too hard and she happily brought out an air mattress. Ask and you shall receive!

I was concerned about our shower/toilet combo (the whole bathroom is the shower, but apparently that's normal in China). I've realized that even having a western toilet (as opposed to a squatty potty) in the apartment is a luxury in itself! Reminder of college dorm days, wearing shower shoes in the bathroom...

We live in Dongxing Alley, and I love waking up to the view and the beautiful Xi'an weather.

Our Airbnb complex in the Yanta district

Making Friends

BinBin was so eager to have foreigners stay with her. On our first day she introduced us to her friend Ya Qiu and they treated us to lunch. Since then, we've gotten manicures together, had plenty of great meals, seen popular spots and musuems in Xi'an, and went shopping!

I think I could get used to life here in Xi'an. Can't wait to see what other adventures God has in store for us here! CLICK HERE to subscribe to get updates on future blog posts!



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