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Tang Paradise

June 9, 2018

Hidden Gardens

Around Furong Lake, upscale restaurants and high rises line a beautiful brick wall that seems to run forever. Grace and I went to visit the music street near Dayanta and were intrigued by the massive entrance to a hidden paradise...

Nothing could have prepared us for the jaw-dropping scenery inside.

It's $160RMB for a regular priced adult ticket, but if you have a student ID, you can get one entry for $60 RMB (about $10 USD). Worth. Every. Dollar. We were met at the entrance by two local students doing a video project for their English language course, so they came running to ask us questions about our time in Xi'an. As we waved goodbye, the sound of rhythmic drums caught our attention. We looked over to see costumed performers with instruments ready to begin a show, so we ran over and sat right on the steps in front of them.

Xi'an Drummers

We watched the drummers for a little bit, I snapped a quick Polaroid, and we ran towards the bridge looking for more to discover. This was only the beginning:

There are parts of Tang Paradise that give off Disneyland vibes because they're so whimsical and fun.

A popular photo spot is the Rainbow waterfall across the bridge.

The center of Tang Paradise is the imperial palace, an enormous pagoda with a surrounding courtyard and the top levels offer 360-views of the city and gardens nearby.

Some photos shot from the top of the palace:

On the first floor inside the palace, there's an old 3D map of what Xi'an looked like in the Tang Dynasty. Back then it was called "Chang'an." The inner city gate (that we rode bikes on) shows the original layout of the walls and Dayanta pagoda is also visible on the map.

Children play on the statue while their parents look at the map.

Tang Paradise is a large botanical/relic garden, so it's a great place to take a date or to enjoy nature and journal.

As we neared the exit, the sun began to set. The golden rays of light scattered across the water and made the palace sparkle from across the lake.

We're going back to Tang Paradise sometime next week, maybe at night to catch a few shows. There's probably still another section of the park we didn't even get to! Tang Paradise is my favorite place in Xi'an so far.

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