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Outdoor Hot Pot

Good Eats in Xi'an

June 14, 2018

Grace and our friend Ya Qiu ready to eat!

Grace and I were planning to head down to the music district to eat dinner, but we ran into Ya Qiu when we got out of the elevator. Ya Qiu is our Airbnb host Bin Bin's best friend. She offered to take us to a local spot for dinner, so of course we couldn't refuse!

Wooden tables lined the pebble walkway outside of a crowded restaurant and it was so strange to see bubbling pots of water and large metal pails sitting out in the open. How do we eat here? Thankfully we have local friends to help us out:

1. Watch the waiter (fuwuyuan!) pour broth into your table pot. Be warned: that large block of orange stuff is CAYENNE PEPPER! The spice level on that side of the hot pot will be insane!

We followed Ya Qiu into the back of the restaurant where we saw fully stocked fridges with a variety of vegetables, meats, quail eggs, and more.

2. Choose your items and sauces! I love the mini quail eggs and the pumpkin slices. Grace is a fan of the Chinese donuts and the broccoli. There will be a little sauce station where you can grab a variety of dipping sauces for your cooked goodies. We recommend the dark oyster sauce, while Ya Qiu loves the sesame sauce.

3. Put your items in your pail! Don't get too crazy though, remember you can always go back for refills but you don't want to leave wasted food at the table.

Cook your favorite items and enjoy!

Our meal came out to 113 RMB (about $18USD) for 3 people! It's amazing how much you can save on food here in Xi'an, and it tastes great too. Outdoor Hot Pot is a must-try!

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